Can you imagine a world without trucks, cars and other vehicles? It is kind of difficult to think about it when we have all become so dependent on them. These days, we rely on our vehicles for play, work, and our regular life. Suffice it to say that the automotive industry plays a very important role in how the world operates and is an essential part of BC’s economy.

Exploring a career in the automotive industry is now easier than ever! The first set of career profiles are now available on the BC Auto Careers Website. Separated into four categories, we highlight roles in trades, technical, sales, management, and administration.

  • What is the job about? We highlighted a snapshot of your duties and day to day work
  • What job matches my personality? We highlighted the types of traits that match that career to your personality to ensure a more personalized connection
  • What skills do I have that can match a career in automotive? We outlined which technical skill you have is beneficial for the role
  • How much can you make? – Low, median and high wages are presented that represent the most up-to-date figures in B.C.
  • What careers can I advance into? – We have detailed a full roadmap, starting from entry level through to ownership and where you can change lanes to another path. The roadmap will help you plan your career and detail advancement that is available.
  • What do I need to be successful? We highlighted what is needed to obtain the job or what requirements will be when you apply to the hundreds of available jobs on the job board.
  • Where can I get training? We have highlighted all the relative programs from all private and public post-secondary institutions in British Columbia.
  • Where can I find jobs? We included links to all the most recent jobs related to the career profile that is located on the BC Auto Careers job board

Over the coming weeks, BC Auto Careers will be expanding our profiles to include all careers within the automotive sector including marketing, finance, technology and more. Also come back to see our infographics!

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